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We are a user data api (visa for data) business that Builds products and solutions helping our users organize, manage and extract meaningful value from their own data, including ai monetization options to turn their data into a financial asset.

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Our Technology Services

Trusted AI Assistants​

Hushh your data away into your secure private on-device cloud and let it work for you quietly in the background as you go about your day by handing all your preferences​

Tech Integration​​

Provides products, tools, and services for effortless data organization, management, and monetization across all your ecosystems​​

Control over your Data

Our platform provides products, tools, and services for effortless data organization, management, and monetization

Redefining Personal Data Assistance

Hushh revolutionize data privacy and giving user control and offering an alternative

Transparent & Secure

Unlock values from your personal data with Secure platform for sharing data with trusted partners


Empowering Personalization With Zero Party Data

Discover the untapped potential of your customers’ requirements by harnessing the power of zero-party data. This enables you to go beyond traditional data collection methods, truly understanding their preferences, needs, and desires. Build deeper connections, deliver personalized experiences, and drive meaningful engagement that exceeds expectations.


Respecting Privacy With Consent Management

Put privacy at the forefront of your data strategy by implementing our robust consent mechanism that ensures compliance with privacy regulations while empowering users to have full control over their data. Our user-friendly solution simplifies the consent process, enabling seamless opt-ins and opt-outs, fostering trust between your brand and your customers, and safeguarding their privacy rights.


Actionable Intelligence Through Data Observability

Gain unprecedented visibility into your data ecosystem with our powerful observability tools that provide real-time insights and analytics. By monitoring data quality, integrity, and performance across various touchpoints, you can make informed decisions, identify patterns and trends, optimize processes, and unlock valuable opportunities for growth in today’s data-driven landscape.

Zero-Party Data

With relevant information about your clients based on their activity across various brands, understand your client like never before

Ethical Data Practices

Our platform prioritizes data security and powers users with easy data sharing and control over its usage creating ethical data handling culture and trust

Powered By Consent

We empower users with data control enabling businesses to provide exceptional experiences through user consent



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Customer User Flow + Client Advisor User Flow

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Seamless Data Sharing for Personalized Experiences and recommendations.

Vibe Search

Discover your unique style and enhance your shopping experience with Vibe Search. With a single click, explore product recommendations that match your vibe, simplifying your search and ensuring you find the perfect items to express your individuality.

Chrome Extension

Improved product recommendations & effective marketing campaigns.


Why us?

Our journey began with a mission to empower individuals by giving them control over their data. Today, we have evolved into a cutting-edge platform that fosters trust, transparency, and personalized experiences between customers, developers, and brands.

Data Autonomy: Empower your customers with full control over their personal data

Promoting Data Equity: Creating a fair and equitable environment for data sharing.​

Consent-Driven Excellence: Deliver bespoke experiences based on user consent and preferences


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